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Stephen Scott Taken by Boston Red Sox

...with the last pick in the 10th round.

Louisiana 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina
Sentient Fire Hydrant Stephen Scott lurking at the bottom of the draft.
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Day two of the MLB Draft closed out in style, as Vanderbilt LF Stephen “Sentient Fire Hydrant” Scott was chosen by the Boston Red Sox with the final pick of the 10th round. Scott was previously chosen last year in the 31st round by the Miami Marlins, so it’s safe to say his decision to return for his senior year was a wise one.

Scott helped form the “Big Three” returning seniors this year (with Ethan Paul and Patrick Raby), as all three eschewed signing bonus checks by MLB teams to come back to Nashville for one last shot at Omaha. For that, and for the last four years of getting hot in May/June, we thank you.

Scott had his best year as a Commodore as a senior, as he slashed .335/.456/.579 with 19 2B, 1 3B, 11 HR, and 53 RBI. Beyond that, he has been phenomenal in postseason play, as it has largely been a “when,” not an “if,” regarding Stephen Scott barreling one up.

With that, Vanderbilt has had one heck of a draft thus far. JJ Bleday went 4th overall to the Marlins, Drake Fellows was chosen in the 6th round by the Padres, Philp Clarke went in the 9th to the Blue Jays, Ethan Paul also went in the 9th to the Pirates, and Scott wrapped up day two by being picked by the Red Sox.

Expect more to be taken tomorrow, as Patrick Raby, Zack King, Pat DeMarco, Harrison Ray, Ty Duvall, Julian Infante, Jackson Gillis, A.J. Franklin, Walker Grisanti, Joe Gobillot, and Kiambu Fentress are all eligible.

Beyond that, things have gone about as well with our commits as I optimistically projected yesterday. See here for more.

30 rounds remain... and I am not going to watch them as closely as I have the past two days.

Anchor down.