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CWS Finals Game Two Game Thread

Kumar’s on the mound, and he’s packing a Craver Case of nasty sliders.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Mississippi State vs Vanderbilt Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve been here before. We survived it. Puke and rally.

It wasn’t too long ago that Randolph and Mortimer Duke placed a $1 bet on our demise. Rocker made them eat that dollar with a 19 K no hitter that may well have been the best game ever pitched in college baseball (statistically speaking). Hickman twisted the knife.

We’ve done it before. We can do it again. Rocker, it is time to break out your Craver Case of nasty sliders and force them down Michigan’s throats.

A-Mart, Bledinger, Chili P, Phil “The Hitman” Clarke, Runs-DMC, Stephen “The Sentient Fire Hydrant” Scott, Harry Ray, Duvy, and Chinfante, I implore you—pound Big Blue into a jelly!

Game two: win or go home.

In the Supers, we cleansed it all in fire.

Tonight, we do it again.

(please and thank you)

On the Mound

Vanderbilt Fr. RHP Kumar “White Castle” Rocker (11-5, 3.38 ERA)



If I had to guess... even though he closed last night out, Bakich has had Criswell close one night and then pitch the other before, and there is no way Kauffmann’s arm is ready yet... so:

Michigan So. RHP Jeff “Big Portage” Criswell (7-1, 2.60 ERA)

**Update: It will not be Criswell.

RS Fr. RHP Isaiah “Diamond Bar Dallas*” Page (3-0, 2.98 ERA)

*Note: Page is from Diamond Bar, CA. Sometimes these things write themselves.

Have to like our chances against a pitcher with 4 starts on the year, 48 & 13 total innings, and a pedestrian 5.21 K/9 rate. Obviously, in an elimination game, no sane person overlooks their competition, but it looks like it will be Rocker vs. Johnny Wholestaff tonight, to be honest.

Graduation Note: Congrats to Tyler Beede on completing his degree!