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JJ Bleday, Austin Martin Named Baseball America 1st Team All-Americans


San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Sky-dive-itized Patriotism.
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I know, I know... this would be more something worthy of reporting on had they been snubbed, but sometimes you have to applaud a sports publication for getting the obvious correct come awards time.

From Baseball America:

OF JJ Bleday

School: Vanderbilt

The skinny: As the centerpiece of the lineup on the No. 2 team in the nation, Bleday tapped into his raw power in a big way this season. After hitting six total home runs over his first two seasons, he has 27 in 2019, the most in the country, all without sacrificing his other numbers, as evidenced by a .353/.467/.739 slash line.

DH Austin Martin

School: Vanderbilt

The skinny: Martin served as the spark plug at the top of an outstanding Vanderbilt lineup in 2019, hitting .410/.502/.603 with 19 doubles, six home runs, 18 stolen bases in 23 tries, and just 29 strikeouts in 234 at-bats. More impressively, with a .424/.500/.610 line in SEC play, his numbers were actually marginally better against the best competition he saw.

Again, duh.

*Note: No, I will not proceed to go on a screed about how Tyler “The Deliveryman” Brown and Philip “The Hitman” Clarke not even making 3rd team All-American is the biggest snub in the history of snubs, as this is a positive article about two of our players being recognized for their greatness. Still...