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Game Thread: Vanderbilt Goes For the Series Win in South Cackalacky

Will we top last night’s 22-11 Game Penis hammering?

People Watch A Cockfight In Xian
Two Game Penises.
Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

Last night’s game was... something. Drake “Safari Planet” Fellows was hot garbage and allowed a last place team to plate 8 runs on him. He didn’t even get through the fourth inning. No matter—our offense has the ability to bludgeon other teams to death.

Case in point: our 9 hole hitter, Julian “Chinfante” Infante, went 3-4 with a Grand Salami and 6 RBI.

It wasn’t just Chinfante, of course. Every one of our 9 starters recorded at least one hit.

Oh, and some records were set:

However, it could be argued this play summed up the game much more succinctly.

That’s 9 wins in a row. 10 is a much nicer number. Kumar, you’ve got your marching orders.

On the Mound

SATURDAY 7pm CT ESPNU: Fr. RHP Kumar “White Castle” Rocker (5-4, 4.31 ERA) vs. Jr. RHP Reid “Sea Circle” Morgan (3-4, 3.63 ERA)

Happy Cinco de Cuatro, everyone!