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Anchor Drop, May 30, 2019: 93 Days to Kickoff

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Well this is weird. Nothing seems to be happening here.

Vanderbilt v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Good morning.

We’re now 93 days to kickoff. There is no Commodore of the Day, because there is no #93 on the roster for the time being — incoming freshmen have yet to be assigned jersey numbers. So for now, just pour one out for Parker Thome.

That seems to be a theme for the day: nothingness. While baseball resumes tomorrow with the first game of the Nashville Regional, we are getting very close to the true offseason of college sports. That means, of course, that we are closing in on shitposting season (and football preview season, but mostly shitposting season.)

To the extent that there is Vanderbilt-themed news, it’s stuff like “Vanderbilt trending in Crystal Ball for Matthew Murrell” (the article is paywalled, but you can probably figure out most of the news through the headline.) Murrell plays for Whitehaven, where his head coach was recently-hired Vanderbilt assistant coach Faragi Phillips, so I’m not sure it’s all that difficult to figure out why he might be considering Vanderbilt.

There is also the news that JJ Bleday is a finalist for the Golden Spikes Award... which, well, it would be bigger news if he weren’t a finalist.

Oh yeah, and the Tennessean is definitely going to milk this Whistler thing for all it’s worth.

Off the West End

Will Indiana ever move on from Bob Knight? (No.) Also, St. John’s, same question, just replace Bob Knight with Lou Carnesecca!

For more high-brow stuff, here’s a decent article pondering whether universities should stop cutting breaks to athletes in admissions.

Every time I read articles about Toronto Raptors star Pascal Siakam, I mostly just remember that Kevin Stallings didn’t offer him in spite of him being the younger brother of James Siakam.

Ohio State is now the subject of a Title IX lawsuit.

CBS announced its broadcast schedule windows for the 2019 college football season. The noteworthy thing for Vanderbilt fans is that the schedule doesn’t begin until September 14, meaning that Vanderbilt’s season opener against Georgia will not be televised on the network. (Speaking of that game, I’ve heard a rumor that both ESPN and Vanderbilt wanted it to be on Thursday night, but Georgia somehow blocked Vanderbilt from moving Vanderbilt’s home game to a Thursday.)

Will Wade actually seemed to blame his lawyers for his previous suspension, which is really something. Apparently his lawyers gave him sound advice because he doesn’t seem good at answering questions.

The NBA Draft withdrawal deadline was yesterday; here’s a list of winners and losers. (He actually lists Vanderbilt under “other losers.” I mean, can we really lose more than we already did last season?)

From our sister blogs: Rocky Top Talk still has faith in Rick Barnes (as well they should) ... and, uh, oh right, it’s not quite shitposting season yet.


Stanley Cup Finals: The Blues evened the finals at 1 with a 3-2 win over the Bruins.

MLB: Pirates 7, Reds 2 ... Yankees 7, Padres 0 ... Angels 12, A’s 7 ... Rangers 8, Mariners 7 ... Tigers 4, Orioles 2 ... Phillies 11, Cardinals 4 ... Rays 4, Blue Jays 3 ... Marlins 4, Giants 2 ... Nationals 14, Braves 4 ... Cubs 2, Astros 1 ... White Sox 8, Royals 7 ... Rockies 5, Diamondbacks 4 ... Mets at Dodgers

Today: Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors! (8:00 PM CT, ABC) In MLB action, Tyler Beede is on the mound for the Giants against the Marlins (12:10 PM CT.) And Mike Minor goes for the Rangers against the Royals tonight (7:05 PM CT.) There’s also the first round of the Memorial (TV coverage at 2:30 PM on the Golf Channel.)