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Anchor Drop, May 26, 2019: 97 Days to Kickoff

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Also today: Ole Miss vs. The Whistler. Must-see TV.

Massachusetts v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Good morning.

We’re 97 days away from Vanderbilt football’s season opener. #97 on the roster is redshirt freshman defensive lineman Lorenza Surgers (not pictured above; that’s former Commodore Jared Morse.) Surgers was a late addition to the 2018 recruiting class and was another guy with a big frame who Derek Mason thought could grow into a role on the defensive line; that hasn’t happened yet, obviously, and we wouldn’t bet on it happening this year — Surgers is probably at least another year away from being a major contributor.

Vanderbilt’s baseball team beat LSU 13-4 in Saturday’s SEC Tournament semifinals. The Commodores went up 13-1 in the top of the 6th, then promptly gave up three runs in the bottom of the 6th and didn’t extend the lead back to ten runs, thus forcing LSU fans to sit and listen to the Whistler for two innings longer than they would have if Vanderbilt had just run-ruled LSU. I appreciate the effort to troll them. In addition, the Whistler started trending on Twitter after an LSU fan decided that he’d had enough of the whistling, started something, and ended up getting kicked out of the stadium for his troubles. Or, in the words of LSU fans...

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear. There is no rule against whistling at a baseball game, and anybody asking to have the Whistler removed from a game, or to have his season tickets revoked at the Hawk, is insisting that people be booted from games for completely arbitrary reasons; in addition, if we’re going to take this action, why on earth should it be taken against the Whistler and not against a person who’s actually causing problems? Like, say, the fan of the opposing team who gets confrontational about it?

Rant over. Anyway, we play Ole Miss today at 2:00 PM CT on ESPN2 for the championship, and I am sure Ole Miss fans are not the kind to...

Oh. Okay. I’m sorry, I thought this was America.


An even-par second round was good enough for Vanderbilt men’s golf to move up to 11th place in the NCAA Championships in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Commodores will need to move up three more spots to qualify for the eight-team match play tournament for the championship, and they’ll have two more rounds to do it.

Former Commodore Astra Sharma will play the French Open for the first time on Sunday.

This one’s abbreviated because it’s Saturday night and I’m tired. See y’all in the game thread. Anchor Down.