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LSU fans narc on the Vanderbilt Whistler. LSU is currently losing to Vanderbilt, 7-1.

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LSU, the school that had to ban its marching band from playing a song because that was the only way to stop its fans from yelling “Suck that tiger dick, bitch!” in unison, would like everybody to keep decorum at sporting events.

That’s right: LSU, the school that has no issue with continuing to employ a basketball coach who was caught on a federal wiretap discussing paying an amateur basketball player “the rookie minimum” with an agent, narced on the Vanderbilt Whistler because whistling at a baseball game is going too far.

“Not sure what for” is a hell of a qualifier; we know exactly why LSU wanted him gone. LSU, the school whose football stadium once got so loud that it registered on the Richter scale, wanted a fan kicked out of a baseball game for whistling.

And of course, it backfired spectacularly — not just in terms of the Whistler, who is still in the ballpark, but in terms of the scoreboard, which is currently 7-1 in Vanderbilt’s favor.

Louisiana: the place where apparently the one thing they won’t tolerate is whistling.