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Anchor Drop, May 23, 2019: Peak SEC Baseball Tournament

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It’s not Hoover without opposing fans trying to fight the Vanderbilt Whistlers.

The Prince Of Wales & Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Northern Ireland
Visual approximation of the Vanderbilt Whistler.
Photo by Liam McBurney/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Good morning.

Vanderbilt won its first game of the SEC Tournament on Wednesday 11-1 over Auburn, a game that ended in the eighth inning because of the run rule. From a competitiveness standpoint, this game was about as competitive as that first sentence makes it sound. Auburn brought on its fourth pitcher of the game in the third inning, and all those pitching changes did nothing to stop Vanderbilt from scoring six runs. Mason Hickman allowed one hit — a Will Holland home run, Auburn’s only run of the game — and the outcome of the game was basically never in doubt.

Basically, this was the most interesting part of the game:

Yep. We have already reached Peak Hoover. Somebody told the Vandy Whistlers to cut it out because, by God, people are supposed to be quiet at baseball games like this is a golf tournament or something. Every fan base has obnoxious fans, and at least one SEC school has made an actual tradition out of bringing artificial noisemakers to sporting events of all kinds, but it’s the Vandy Whistlers who earn the ire of fans of other SEC baseball teams (and, full disclosure, other Vanderbilt fans as well as our Twitter mentions never hesitate to inform us.)

Look, here is the official Anchor of Gold stance on the Whistlers (and by “the official Anchor of Gold stance,” I mean “my stance”):

Please direct your hate mail to:

Greg Sankey

c/o Southeastern Conference

2201 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd North

Birmingham, AL 35203

Off the West End

From our sister blogs: a recruit committed to Washington while most Kentucky fans were asleep ... Missouri gets an offensive lineman ... Rocky Top Talk writes about the anonymous coach quotes on Jeremy Pruitt.

A Division III conference actually kicked out a member school that was dominating the conference in every sport. For the record, if this were Division I, I would tell the other schools to step up their game; but it’s Division III, which is basically the rec league of college sports.

The Sporting News has bowl projections. Points for having Vanderbilt in a bowl game instead of projecting Vanderbilt to suck for no particular reason. Demerits for this:

Jared Birmingham Bowl - Houston vs. Vanderbilt

Uh... no.

Michigan hired Juwan Howard as its basketball coach.

Ric Flair is out of the hospital after surgery. WHOOO!

Oh, the NCAA is about to start investigating all those schools that got named in the FBI investigation. Let me get some popcorn.


Yesterday at the SEC Tournament: Georgia beat Texas A&M 2-0, Arkansas beat Ole Miss 5-3.

And last but not least, Mississippi State beat LSU, 6-5, in 17 innings.

That means today, Vanderbilt plays Mississippi State in the fourth game of the day, approximately 8:00 PM CT. First things, starting at 9:30 AM, are the two loser’s bracket games: Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M and LSU vs. Auburn. Then, the other winner’s bracket game between Georgia and Arkansas. All games are on the SEC Network.