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Vanderbilt Chancellor Nick Zeppos Stepping Down in August

Zeppos is reportedly stepping down due to health concerns.

Vanderbilt University Chancellor Nick Zeppos will step down on August 15, the university announced in a statement today. Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Susan R. Wente will step in as interim Chancellor beginning on that date.

That was how Zeppos began his tenure as Chancellor. Following Gordon Gee’s departure in 2007, Zeppos — on the faculty at Vanderbilt University Law School since 1987 — became interim Chancellor, and seven months later had the interim title removed. It is difficult to argue against Zeppos’ tenure with regards to the academic side of the University; it was and has been a smashing success.

The athletic side has been beaten to death, and we won’t rehash it here. Per the statement, it sounds as though Chancellor Zeppos is dealing with a health issue, and he will take a yearlong sabbatical before returning to the law school faculty.

Anchor Down.