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Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Vanderbilt is now 0-17 in the SEC.

Simon And Garfunkel Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

With 13:17 left in the first half, Vanderbilt’s Maxwell Evans hit a three-pointer to put Vanderbilt ahead 15-5.

With 15:42 left in the second half, Simi Shittu had a shot swatted into the second row by Daniel Gafford, which was considered a made field goal because of goaltending.

In between — a time span of 17 minutes and 35 seconds of game time — Vanderbilt did not make a basket. They did score ten points, all at the free throw line. And it would not be until 12:49 left in the second half — over a half of basketball — until a Vanderbilt field goal attempt actually went through the basket.

This is all that you really need or want to know about the basketball game tonight. Vanderbilt lost to Arkansas and the final score was 84-48. This was Vanderbilt’s eighteenth straight loss. It is now 9-21 overall and 0-17 in the SEC.

Thankfully, this will all be over soon.