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NCAA Golf Conference Power Rankings

The SEC is deep, but the Big12 is Top Heavy

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament Championship-Tennessee vs Kentucky Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

We’re nearly halfway through the Regular Season, and the conferences are lining up about how’d you’d expect. The warm weather conferences tend to have more teams in the GolfStat Top25, but the Big12 gains heavy weight from a small but top heavy conference.

I have three determining factors.

  • Average rank for conference teams in the Top25. It gives a snapshot of the conference in the Top25, but it rewards conferences for not having ranked teams.
  • Percentage of teams ranked in their own conference
  • Percentage of teams ranked in the Top25.

Each metric is given equal weight and then ranked. The conference with the lowest score (1 being best, 4 being worst) will be sit atop the Power Rankings.

  1. Big12: 6 Points: Average Top25 Rank 9.5 (1-Oklahoma St, 8-Texas, 11-Oklahoma, 18-Texas Tech); 4 of 10 conference teams ranked (40%); 4 of Top25 (16%)
  2. SEC: 6 points: Average Top25 Rank 13.86 (3-Vanderbilt, 7-Auburn, 12-LSU, 14-Alabama, 17-Georgia, 19-Texas A&M, 25-Tennessee); 7 of 14 conference teams ranked (50%); 7 of Top25 (28%)
  3. ACC: 7 points: Average Top25 Rank 9.8 (2-Duke, 4-Georgia Tech, 5-Wake Forest, 16-Clemson, 22-NC State); 5 of 15 conference teams ranked (33%); 5 of Top25 (20%)
  4. Pac12: 11 points: Average Top25 Rank 10 (6-USCw, 9-Arizona State, 15-California); 3 of 12 conference teams ranked (25%); 3 of Top25 (12%)

I am considering going on a deep dive and adding stroke average and drop average (5th score not counted in team total) to the mix. We’ll see.