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Wednesday Live Thread

It’s the time of year for day basketball! And also baseball! And, potentially, day drinking!

Kentucky Bourbon Industry A Target Of EU Retaliatory Tariffs
Three-drink minimum? Three-drink minimum.
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No Anchor Drop today, because I’m lazy, but also because this was an actual comment somebody made in yesterday’s baseball game thread:

Can we get some sort of generic Wednesday livethread?

WBB is in the SEC Tournament tomorrow at noon, with baseball at 2:00. (And men’s basketball that evening.) I don’t know that anyone will watch the women’s tournament game, but maybe it’ll encourage somebody to tune in.

Even between all three games, I doubt we’ll hit 100 comments.

Posted by parlagi on Mar 5, 2019 | 2:30 PM

Look, I get it. You want one place for all of your comments, instead of having an Anchor Drop in the morning, a women’s basketball game thread, and a baseball game thread, and a men’s basketball game thread.

That last one is still going to be kept separate, because the Vanderbilt men’s basketball team must be quarantined from anything else that it might infect. HOWEVER, by request, you now have a live thread for not one but two Vanderbilt sports events that are taking place on a Wednesday afternoon.

First, the Vanderbilt women’s basketball team, which is the 14-seed in the SEC Tournament, which starts today. The men’s team is also the 14-seed in next week’s SEC Tournament, by the way, a feat which has not been pulled off by the men’s and women’s basketball programs from the same school since... checks notes ... uh, Ole Miss did it in 2018. The women are playing Alabama at approximately noon at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina, which is very much a real place and not something I just made up. I say “approximately” noon because 12-seed Ole Miss and 13-seed Florida play at 10:00 AM CT, which why on earth would you have a basketball game at 10 in the morning, that’s no time to be drinking booze. Both games will be televised on the SEC Network.

And then, if you haven’t drunk yourself to death while watching that, the baseball team takes on East Tennessee State at the Hawk at 2:00 PM CT on the SEC Network+. The baseball team scored 24 runs yesterday. There were four separate occasions last season on which the Vanderbilt football team failed to score 24 points in a game.

Look, the three-drink minimum is in effect, as is the no-pants rule. Just try not to do anything stupid. Anchor Down.