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The Ingram Industries Jet has a curious flight plan today

It’s time to unleash FlightAware.

Five Killed In Shanghai’s Seaplane Crash Photo by VCG/Getty Images

No coaching search would be complete without one rumor started based on FlightAware. In 2016, the Ingram Industries jet flew to Wichita, Kansas, for routine maintenance around the same time Kevin Stallings took the Pitt job and Gregg Marshall became a candidate to replace him.

Today, the Ingram jet departed from BNA and flew to Stuart, Florida, with a return flight scheduled to depart at 12:35 PM CT and arrive in Nashville at 3:08.

What does it mean? Well, Stuart is about two hours north of Miami. It’s also about two and a half hours from Orlando. You do the math.

It probably means nothing, but considering the smoke around Johnny Dawkins from Orlando media, I’m sure they won’t make anything of this.

End baseless rumors and speculation. This is the internet; take this information and go.