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Golf Conference Power Rankings

OSU leads the Big12, but the SEC is the Easily the Deepest Conference

Texas A&M To Join The SEC - Press Conference Photo by Aaron M. Sprecher/Getty Images

The top of the polls have stayed the same with Oklahoma St, who have absolutely dominated their opponents, defeating 20/20 Top25 opponents and garnering 5 team wins. They have the lowest scoring average as a team by an entire stroke.

However, the PAC12 has made a move into the Top10 with ASU, Cal and USCw and rank average of 6.3, but the conference does not have any other teams in the Top25.

The SEC has the most teams in the Top25 with seven, the top being Vanderbilt. Tennessee fell out of the Top25, but they were replaced by Alabama and Texas A&M.

The ACC has kept five teams in the Top25 but Duke has fallen, thus losing some of the conferences luster at the top.

I have three determining factors.

  • Average rank for conference teams in the Top25. It gives a snapshot of the conference in the Top25, but it rewards conferences for not having ranked teams.
  • Percentage of teams ranked in their own conference
  • Percentage of teams ranked in the Top25.

Each metric is given equal weight and then ranked. The conference with the lowest score (1 being best, 4 being worst) will be sit atop the Power Rankings.

  1. Big12: 5 Points: Average Top25 Rank 9.6 (1-Oklahoma St, 5- Oklahoma, 7-Texas, 12-Texas Tech, 23- Baylor); 5of 10 conference teams ranked (50%); 5 of Top25 (20%)
  2. SEC: 6 points: Average Top25 Rank 14.86 (4-Vanderbilt, 9-Auburn, 12-LSU, 15-Georgia, 18-USCe, 21-Alabama, 25-Texas A&M); 7 of 14 conference teams ranked (50%); 7 of Top25 (28%)
  3. ACC: 8 points: Average Top25 Rank 12.4 (3-Wake Forest, 8-Georgia Tech, 10-Duke, 19-Clemson, 22-Louisville); 5 of 15 conference teams ranked (33%); 5 of Top25 (20%)
  4. Pac12: 9 points: Average Top25 Rank 6.3 (2- Arizona State, 6-USCw, 11-California); 3 of 12 conference teams ranked (25%); 3 of Top25 (12%)

One Final Note: Texas is the best represented state in the polls with UT, TAMU, Baylor, and Tech. California has USCw, Cal, and Pepperdine. Florida has only one school, UNF. You’d think the Sunshine State would be the best for golf programs, but that isn’t the case- at least this week.