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Anchor Drop, March 28, 2019: Bowling Gets #1 Seed

Also: do we have a coach yet?

Hail Pinman. Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Professional Bowlers Association

Good morning.

The Vanderbilt women’s bowling team — that’s the defending National Champion Vanderbilt women’s bowling team — will be the #1 seed in the upcoming NCAA Championship. The championship will take place from April 11-13 at RollHouse Wickliffe in Wickliffe, Ohio.

Women’s golf got its fourth win of the season at the Lamkin Invitational in California yesterday, beating Cal in the finals.

And now... for the news you came here for... the Vanderbilt Coaching Search Extravaganza of 2019. To the random Twitter rumors!

Ohhhhhhh yeah, that’s the stuff.

So let’s point out the problems with this theory. First of all, that’s not the Ingram jet. One of the Ingram jets has been parked in Orlando since Friday the 15th. Second of all, that plane is owned by a company based in Goshen, Indiana. It flew from Goshen to Valparaiso (whoa, that’s a weird coincidence) on Friday (whoa, this is really weird), and then flew from there to the airport in Smyrna, where it was parked until yesterday afternoon when it flew to Orlando to... uhhhhhh..., um, how did Johnny Dawkins get to Nashville then?

Okay, fine. Orlando media’s been all over the Dawkins-to-Vanderbilt thing this week, which either means that Johnny Dawkins wants a raise from UCF and is using perceived interest from Vanderbilt to get it, or Johnny Dawkins is about to be Vanderbilt’s head coach. I don’t know.

And speaking of Orlando media, remember that time Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi wrote this garbage?

Let’s face it, Vanderbilt is not an SEC school; it is an Ivy League school. And is there any question that UCF, if given the financial resources and exposure of the SEC, would be much more competitive and committed to athletics than Vanderbilt is?

It would be super hilarious to see his head explode if Vanderbilt hired a coach from UCF. I’m just saying.

And finally, I leave you with this (h/t parlagi):