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Vanderbilt Baseball Mail Bag #6: Call For Submissions

Send VANDERBILT BASEBALL questions to Again, this is a BASEBALL mail bag. No basketball questions. Send your basketball questions to Tom.

Large Winter Storm Brings Snow To Seattle Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images

Letters... we get letters... we get sacks and sacks of letters...

After a 4-0 week featuring a sweep over hated rivals The University of Florida Fightin’ Jorts; a return to starting pitching dominance featuring two shut-outs, four quality starts, and only two runs total surrendered by Vanderbilt starting pitchers; a power surge that led to a collective 37-6 ass-whoopin’ of both Belmont and The Jorts; getting Corbs his 700th career win as manager of the Vanderbilt Commodores; Harrison Ray stepping up as a bad-ass/team leader; Cooper Davis filling in admirably for Pat DeMarco (hamstring injury) in CF; and fully redeeming ourselves after some nonsense in College Station, we all have questions.

But before all that, let’s look at the three home runs from yesterday’s sweep clincher:

That was nice.

Send your questions to by tomorrow afternoon, and I’ll answer them in a post on Tuesday.

*Note: Questions about other SEC baseball teams are welcome, too. I just won’t know as much about them, and will likely respond with juvenile, biased trash talk.

I will do this weekly as long as the questions keep coming in. If they dry up, no post. I’m not mad, just disappointed.