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Open Thread: NCAA Tournament, Day 3


Westminster Kennel Club Hosts Its Annual Dog Show In New York
Good boy. Beat Kentucky.
Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Well, we’re on to the second round of the NCAA Tournament, the place where Tennessee’s dreams go to die. We hope.

Actually, they don’t play today. Four SEC teams do, though. We’re fine if you don’t want to root for them. But especially Kentucky. Here’s the schedule (all times Central):

  • (6) Maryland vs. (3) LSU (11:10 AM, CBS)
  • (7) Wofford vs. (2) Kentucky (1:40 PM, CBS)
  • (10) Florida vs. (2) Michigan (4:15 PM, CBS)
  • (12) Murray State vs. (4) Florida State (5:10 PM, TNT)
  • (9) Baylor vs. (1) Gonzaga (6:10 PM, TBS)
  • (10) Minnesota vs. (2) Michigan State (6:45 PM, CBS)
  • (6) Villanova vs. (3) Purdue (7:40 PM, TNT)
  • (5) Auburn vs. (4) Kansas (8:40 PM, CBS)

It’s a good day. Have fun and Anchor Down.