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National media has tired, predictable reaction to Vanderbilt firing Bryce Drew

It’s amazing how many opinions you can have about a team you barely pay attention to.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament-Texas A&M vs Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt, coming off a season in which it went 0-18 in the SEC and ended on a 20-game losing streak. I’m still of the opinion that another year would not have been the worst idea in the world (though I probably shouldn’t have scheduled that to publish literally 30 minutes before the decision was announced), but I get why you would have seen the team this season and thought a change was needed. At least I actually watched the team. Unlike these guys:

Is this tired and completely predictable? Absolutely.

Are these mostly the same people who are blasting Vanderbilt for taking its SEC Network checks and not making an attempt to really compete? Uh, yeah.

Listen, we can disagree about whether Bryce Drew should have been fired or not. We can probably all agree that unless you watched at least the majority of Vanderbilt’s basketball games this season, though, your opinion probably isn’t worth much.