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Open Thread: NCAA Tournament, Day 2

The three-drink minimum is in effect.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Wofford vs Seton Hall Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt, you might have heard, is not playing in this year’s NCAA Tournament. For those of you still watching, here’s your viewing guide for Friday.

The Early Window

  • (10) Iowa vs. (7) Cincinnati (11:15 AM, CBS)
  • (9) Oklahoma vs. (8) Ole Miss (11:40 AM, truTV)
  • (14) Northern Kentucky vs. (3) Texas Tech (12:30 PM, TNT)
  • (13) UC Irvine vs. (4) Kansas State (1:00 PM, TBS)

Here, you have two classic tossup games in Iowa-Cincinnati and Oklahoma-Ole Miss, and a possible upset special in UC Irvine-Kansas State. On paper, this is a pretty good-looking opening window. Let’s move on...

The Afternoon Window

  • (15) Colgate vs. (2) Tennessee (1:45 PM, CBS)
  • (16) Gardner-Webb vs. (1) Virginia (2:10 PM, truTV)
  • (11) Arizona State vs. (6) Buffalo (3:00 PM, TNT)
  • (12) Oregon vs. (5) Wisconsin (3:30 PM, TBS)


The Early Evening Window

  • (9) Washington vs. (8) Utah State (5:50 PM, TNT)
  • (16) North Dakota State vs. (1) Duke (6:10 PM, CBS)
  • (14) Georgia State vs. (3) Houston (6:20 PM, TBS)
  • (12) Liberty vs. (5) Mississippi State (6:27 PM, truTV)

Remember when Darius Garland dropped 33 on Liberty? Good times. There isn’t a ton to recommend this window; you may be interested in watching Zion Williamson dunk all over a 16-seed, but I am not particularly interested in snuff films personally.

The Late Window

  • (16) Iona vs. (1) North Carolina (8:20 PM, TNT)
  • (9) UCF vs. (8) VCU (8:40 PM, CBS)
  • (11) Ohio State vs. (6) Iowa State (8:50 PM, TBS)
  • (13) St. Louis vs. (4) Virginia Tech (8:57 PM, truTV)

Blah, Most of you will probably be watching baseball instead.

Have fun, and remember: the three-drink minimum and the no-pants rule are in effect.