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FYI: I’ll Be On Vacation This Week

Spring break. Woo.

Travel Destination: Western USA Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Seeing as I am a coiled-tight ball of white hot rage, I thought it wise to take a vacation. Well, that or the lady friend wanted to do some hiking, and that a change of scenery was necessary to do just that.

Either way, I’ll be gone this week. That means no mail bag this week unless you can convince VandyTigerPhD, DoreOnThePlains, Tom Stephenson, and the like to pick up the slack. I did tell them how to access Florida Man on Twitter, so as to provide Andrew VU ‘04-esque coverage of the Gainsville Fightin’ Jorts this Thursday through Saturday.

Again, you’ll want to hound them this week. I’ll be off the beaten path beating some paths with my feets.

Hopefully, by the time I return, Corbs has this thing figured out. Suggestions: 1) Get your infield defense sorted. 2) Hug your pitchers like Robin Williams in Goodwill Hunting, and say, “It’s not your fault,” until they believe it, and/or say something to the ponytailed Harvard twat about apples (either is acceptable). 3) Promise a pizza party if they sweep the Jorts (hey, it’s baseball... what worked in Little League often works at the highest levels). 4) Say please. And thank you.

See you in a week.