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Superb Owl Game Thread

Come for the great bird, stay for Vanderbilt alum Adam Butler!

2019 Sundance Film Festival - General Atmosphere Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Today at 5:30pm CT, we shall witness the only sporting event this year we find less interesting than Vanderbilt basketball: the NFL Championship Game between the New England Cheatriots and the Los Angeles St. Louis Dodge Rams.

Have both teams benefitted by horridly botched officiating to the point where this game will be played under protest? All but assuredly. Does David Williams have an email? No.

...but will one team be granted membership in the Bilderberg Group and an invitation to Bohemian Grove so as to meet the great bird regardless? Yes.

All hail the superb owl!

Comment below on how we can 1) Root for Adam Butler without having to root for the rest of those arrogant Massholes; 2) Root for the Los Angeles St. Louis Dodge Rams when they have no actual fans of their own; 3) Drink just enough to make this entire horse-shit affair palatable without dying in the process; 4) Or, most importantly, with Illuminati Bilderberg Bohemian Grove Owl of Minerva conspiracy theories and/or pictures of superb owls.

Go birds.