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Game 2 Vanderbilt vs. Cal State Fullerton

Coming off a 15-9 drubbing of UVA, Vanderbilt faces a tough Fullerton team.

College World Series - Virginia v Vanderbilt - Game One Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Coming off a 15 run effort, Corbs is quite correctly making minimal changes to the lineup. As of press time, it’s the same one through nine as last night, except Julian Infante is (likely) out of the lineup, but definitely out at first base. Cooper Davis and Stephen Scott have moved defensive positions—The Ontario Barrel-Maker to left field and The Human Fire Hydrant to first base. At the moment, Drake Fellows is penciled in at the 8 spot as DH, but that is a strategic move Corbs has made time and again to not show all his cards until he knows the handedness of the pitcher the 8th slot DH will face.

This makes complete sense, as Chinfante is likely in the concussion protocol, as an awkward slide on an even weirder stolen base attempt resulted in UVA’s shortstop, Tanner Morris, kneeing him in the helmet. Following the collision, Chinfante left the game, and Scott showed more than cromulence at 1st—he even made a nifty double play late in the game. Cooper Davis, the fastest man on the team, ought to bring more range to the outfield, as well.

The only minor head-scratcher is Jayson Gonzalez staying at 3rd, as he mucked up an easy play in the field, and routinely missed pitches by a damned foot. However, Harrison Ray is injured—though we don’t have details on the seriousness of said injury.

On The Mound

Vanderbilt Sr. RHP Patrick “Mad Dog” Raby (5-5 3.57 ERA in 12 starts in ’18)

vs. Cal State Fullerton So. LHP Timothy “Class Rings” Josten (0-1 4.15 ERA in 3 starts in ’18)

It’s a match-up between the ultimate veteran and the relative newcomer. Raby, who had a down year by his standards in ‘18 and subsequently went undrafted, is looking to stabilize the pitching rotation, have a bounce back year, and reestablish himself as a viable pitcher on the next level. He certainly has the pedigree, as a PG All-American, member of Team USA Baseball, four year starter, and former Freshman All-American. The read here is that he was injured last year, and struggled to get his velocity and feel back. Here’s hoping he has it in ‘19.

No TV coverage on this one, but here is the radio feed and statcast.

See you in the comments, as we huddle by our radios, recall what life was like in the 1950s, take out our Little Orphan Annie Decoder Rings, and drink more Ovaltine.