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Mason Fires Both Coordinators

Does this move reek of desperation? Yes.

Northern Illinois v Vanderbilt
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Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Here’s the thing... there’s this old adage in college coaching called “The Three Envelopes.” In the tale, a departing coach leaves three letters sealed in envelopes in the new coach’s desk, with instructions to open each after a major setback.

Within the first envelope is a note which urges the new coach to blame the previous coach, and urge patience during a transition to your system.

Within the second envelope, it says, “Fire the assistants.”

The third letter merely reads, “Get three envelopes.”

In the Mason-verse, he apparently received a fourth envelope titled, “In Case You Receive a Buyout They Don’t Want to Pay From a Previous Athletic Director” that contains the note, “See envelope #2 again.”

The scuttlebutt is that Louisiana Tech OC Todd Fitch is set to accept the same position with us. My assumption is that Mason assumes the DC role himself again.

Enjoy the remaining few days of 2014, everyone.

At least Ken Seals is enrolling early.