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Vanderbilt manages 128 yards of total offense in 56-0 loss to Florida

Kill it. Kill it with fire.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

At halftime, Ke’Shawn Vaughn had run for 28 yards on 10 carries.

Vanderbilt’s offense had managed 21 yards. It was that kind of a day. With Deuce Wallace, the third quarterback to start a game for the Commodores this season, Vanderbilt couldn’t move the ball at all. The Commodores managed a grand total of 128 yards of total offense - -much of that coming when the game was already well in hand for the Florida Gators.

Which actually took a while: Florida only led 14-0 at halftime. But eventually, the floodgates burst after the defense got a couple of key stops deep in their own territory in the first half. Florida scored 28 points in the third quarter, including an 80-yard fumble return that represented the closest Vanderbilt got to getting on the board in the game.

With 3:59 left in the game, Ryley Guay lined up for a 45-yard field goal, only to have it pushed back five yards by a delay of game penalty — and Guay missed the 50-yard attempt.

The final was 56-0, reminiscent of a 2001 game in the Swamp, when Florida beat Vanderbilt 71-13 (and led 71-0 at one point.) Woody Widenhofer announced his resignation later that week.