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Saturday Predictions: Vanderbilt at Florida

A new quarterback? A new quarterback.

Vandy vs. Florida death rabbits

When Kyle Shurmur graduated after last season, the biggest fear that many of us had was that the Vanderbilt Commodores’ coaching staff would revert to the musical chairs at quarterback that characterized the 2014 season.

Well, we’re here again. It seems that Vanderbilt will be on its third starting quarterback of the season when either Deuce Wallace or Allan Walters takes the first snap on Saturday in the Swamp — a place where I really want a quarterback to be getting the first start of his college career (or, if it’s Walters, see the first action at all of his college career.)

Granted, at least this time, Derek Mason’s hand was forced by having not one, but two quarterbacks in the concussion protocol. Still, this is hardly an ideal situation. What say the writers?

Tom Stephenson

Whatever positives we had in the Missouri game, at least on the offensive side of the ball, seem to be gone after the South Carolina game. Of course, part of that is because Mo Hasan was and still is in the concussion protocol (thanks, Barry Odom), but that also means we’re much more likely to see the offense we saw against South Carolina again. And that’s not something we want to see.

Meanwhile, the defense appears to no longer be a train wreck, but it’s got that same 2015 vibe where they let you get inside scoring range and then hold you to a field goal or maybe force a turnover. I don’t know. I just don’t think this game will be competitive.

The Pick: Florida 35, Vanderbilt 7

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: I will take App State to beat SOUTH CAROLINA, and I will take no questions about it.


I hate Florida. Really hate Florida. Oh, and Todd Grantham is absolute scum. This is going to be bad. Even if the defense shows up again, it will be like the SC game where it might be close on the scoreboard but 7 points might as well be 21. Maybe Vaughn can pull out some big plays, but it really seems like a hope and a prayer to get 2 TDs.

I just really hope the staff uses Wallace in an offense that gives him a chance to be as successful as he can be. Use the read option. Let him run the ball. The offense needs any spark it can get. What do they have to lose? I am not just flippantly okay with him getting hurt, but lots of teams use option attacks without losing 2 QBs to concussions.

The Pick: Florida 34, Vanderbilt 10

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: LSU fans have hyped this game every year for nearly a decade. It has always been amusing to watch the game go so horribly wrong for them. I think the Swamp Kittens pull it off with Tua not at 100%. DACOACHO's reaction post-game will be glorious. GEUAX TIGERS!

Andrew VU ‘04

Last time I predicted we’d get so blown out it was better not to watch was the Mizzourah game. As such, take this with a grain of salt. Of course, no Mo, Mo problems. This is going to be brutal.

As brutal as Todd Grantham’s face (which may or may not be comprised entirely of old wrinkled anus skin).

NCAA Football: Towson at Florida
This expression can only be dubbed “When Preparations A through G don’t work.”
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Pick: Florida 41, Vanderbilt 9

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: I agree with both upset picks here, actually. If I can’t have both, I’ll double down on LSU. Tua may come back, but he won’t be mobile. LSU takes it on the road in Tuscaloser.