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Anchor Drop, October 9, 2019: Fall Practice Opens

Because you really needed something to take your attention away from football season, didn’t you?

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NCAA Baseball: College World Series Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Vanderbilt baseball opened fall practice on Tuesday. I don’t really have anything more to say about it, but did you know that the Vanderbilt baseball team won a national championship this year? Just thought I’d remind everyone.

Women’s tennis players Christina Rosca and Georgia Drummy are competing in the ITA All-Americans in Tulsa, starting today.

If you don’t already subscribe to The Athletic, here’s Dana O’Neil on Vanderbilt’s newfound emphasis on athletics, starting with Malcolm Turner and Jerry Stackhouse.

Adam Sparks podcasts about the QB situation, and Chris Lee podcasts with Norman Jordan.

ICYMI: Malik Langham ruled ineligible. No reason was given and we probably ain’t gonna be getting one, either.

Here is Derek Mason’s press conference from yesterday:

Off the West End

God, really, Rob Manfred told Oakland’s mayor that the A’s could move to Las Vegas if the city didn’t drop its lawsuit to stop the A’s from buying the Alameda County share of the Oakland Coliseum. (Why the city wants to stop that, I have no idea.)

China is canceling NBA television broadcasts in that country (because, you know, China), so Adam Silver responded by groveling some more. Let’s go to China for their position on this:

Oh. Okay. Good to know where they stand on that, and who exactly we’re dealing with here.

Coach K backs the Fair Pay to Play Act, probably because he saw what happened to Bill Self.


MLB Playoffs: Rays 4, Astros 1.

NHL: Oilers 5, Islanders 2 ... Hurricanes 6, Panthers 3 ... Jets 4, Penguins 1 ... Stars 4, Capitals 3 ... Ducks 3, Red Wings 1 ... Predators 5, Sharks 2 ... Kings 4, Flames 3 ... Bruins 4, Golden Knights 3.