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Saturday Predictions: Missourah at Vanderbilt

What do our writers think about the WoodyBowl?

VUMizzou Death Rabbits

The two schools where Woody Widenhofer once served as head coach square off this Saturday. Only one of them currently is performing a tribute to Woodyball.

Derek Mason’s Vanderbilt Commodores lost for the fifth time this season last Saturday and this one was the coup de grace, a 34-10 loss to UNLV. UNLV might be the worst team in the Mountain West but they were the better team at Vanderbilt Stadium on Saturday. The Missouri Tigers, meanwhile, are 5-1, having reeled off five straight wins since losing the season opener at Wyoming. They’re also currently leading the SEC East with a 3-0 record.

I think we know the answer, but who wins on Saturday?

Tom Stephenson

Yep. Vanderbilt probably isn’t actually as bad as it looked while losing 34-10 to UNLV on Saturday, but the fact that they’re even capable of losing to UNLV like that is ... not good.

Missouri has both an offense and a defense, and Vanderbilt doesn’t appear to have either of these. On paper, I see no way that Vanderbilt wins this game and I really don’t even see a way that Vanderbilt keeps this close. Prove me wrong.

The Pick: Missouri 42, Vanderbilt 14

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: There’s no game that I absolutely love here, but I’m low-key expecting SOUTH CAROLINA (+6.5) to drag Florida down to its level and maybe pull out a win.

Shawn Allen

Mason’s adamance about watching game film and taking notes after the UNLV loss indicates he feels the urgency to win and to send that message. He also said the execution was the only thing that needed improving. That’s not really what you hear from a coach who has the players on his side.

I don’t think the game is close. Missouri’s offense is good and their defense is very good. I do think they’ll get a safety because that’s all that I have left on my The Wettest of Hets bingo card.

The Pick: Missouri 43, Vanderbilt 10

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: ATS: Arky keeping it close to a Gus team that has tendency to not be able to get out of its own way. Straight up: USCe believes and UF is due for a stinker.

Andrew VU ‘04

Take it away, Clubber Lang...

Maybe find something else to do this Saturday. Catch an art film down at the museum theatre you’ve always wanted to check out. Laugh at the fact that the University of Missouri has a student newspaper with an even more ridiculous name than The Hustler. (Seriously, it’s called The Maneater.) Take your mother-in-law out on a champagne brunch date. Wear a meat-suit and run through the part of town with all those feral dogs.

“The schemes are good schemes.”


Anything but this.

The Pick: Missouri 52, Vanderbilt 6

Whoa-oh here she comes...

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: No upsets worth picking this week, either, so I’ll double down on my surprise pick from last week—The South Cackalacky Game Penises gwine beat them Jorts! (Well, that’s an unfortunate mental image, but I’m sticking with it.)


I predict another game that I am going to open my DVR to watch then turn off to do literally anything else 3 or 4 times next week. Nothing good is going to happen except maybe a pick 6 or scoop and score for the defense. Vaughn could break a couple big runs, and Lipscomb (maybe even Pinkney if we throw him the ball accurately!) might also add a good play or two. So 30 seconds of “oh, that was cool!” amidst 3 and a half hours of frustration, anger, and confusion mixed with the dread of watching it again. Maybe we can hold them under 50 unlike the Chuggers?

The Pick: Missouri 49, Vanderbilt 10

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: I Fire up the Ryan Hilinski show and Will Muschamp’s all-seeing spectecals! The Gamecocks will knock off another Top 10 this week! Rise up, ‘Cocks!