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Bad Gambling Advice: Week 8

The one week this season with seven conference games.

March Madness Viewing Party At The Westgate Las Vegas Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

DISCLAIMER: This Series is called “Bad Gambling Advice.” Should you rely on this post to bet actual money on the outcomes of sporting events, that is your fault, not mine. After all, this post is titled “Bad Gambling Advice,” and what part of “Bad Gambling Advice” do you not understand?

Last week: 4-3 ATS, 3-4 totals

Season to date: 23-31-4 ATS, 26-29-3 totals

An average week for Bad Gambling Advice; it was bad, but hitting .500 means you can’t even fade the advice. Let’s see what is on tap for Week 8. This is, somehow, the one week this season in which every SEC team is playing a conference game.

Florida at South Carolina (11:00 AM, ESPN)

So: Florida is probably good, but I am still not sold on them as a great team, and I expect this game to be low-scoring and stupid. I am therefore taking the points.

Projected Final Score: Florida 24, South Carolina 20

Picks: South Carolina +5, Under 48

Auburn at Arkansas (11:00 AM, SEC Network)

Arkansas has seemed to be getting better since they lost to San Jose State at home. That does not mean I think that they will beat Auburn, but keep it at around two scores? Sure.

Projected final score: Auburn 31, Arkansas 17

Picks: Arkansas +19.5, Under 55.5

LSU at Mississippi State (2:30 PM, CBS)

I am stupid and continue to pick against LSU to my detriment.

Projected final score: LSU 42, Mississippi State 24

Picks: Mississippi State +18.5, Over 61

Missouri at Vanderbilt (3:00 PM, SEC Network)

Your weekly reminder that Vanderbilt is currently 0-6 against the spread this season. Am I expecting that to change this week? No!

Projected final score: Missouri 42, Vanderbilt 13

Picks: Missouri -21, Under 56

Kentucky at Georgia (5:00 PM, ESPN)

This is going to be Georgia’s semiannual “trash a bad SEC East team to convince the fans that everything is fixed immediately following a turd against a team they should beat.” Book it.

Projected final score: Georgia 35, Kentucky 3

Picks: Georgia -25, Under 46.5

Texas A&M at Ole Miss (6:30 PM, SEC Network)

Is Ole Miss actually decent? I can’t really tell, but I still do think Texas A&M is sort of overrated, and this game is in Oxford. Close and stupid sounds about right.

Projected final score: Texas A&M 31, Ole Miss 28

Picks: Ole Miss +6.5, Over 55.5

Tennessee at Alabama (8:00 PM, ESPN)

With Alabama and these big spreads, you just have to ask yourself if Alabama cares enough to win by that much. Against Tennessee, the answer is a resounding yes and I will take no arguments to the contrary.

Projected final score: Alabama 49, Tennessee 7

Picks: Alabama -34.5, Under 61