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Saturday Open Thread

Full disclosure: I’m lazy.

NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

So, full disclosure, I am lazy, got home late Friday night after sitting outside in 40-degree temperatures for a few hours, and while the feeling returns to my extremities I am just putting up an open thread for all of you instead of the Tailgate.

You will take your open thread and like it. There are a few early games before Vanderbilt’s 3 PM game against UNLV, but your three main options are:

  • An actual good football game (Oklahoma-Texas, on FOX)
  • Tennessee embarrassing itself (SEC Network)
  • Memphis getting its het wet (ESPN2)

If you actively hate yourself, you also have options such as:

  • The Game Penises likely getting demolished at Georgia (ESPN)
  • Michigan-Illinois, on ABC because it’s somehow the most appealing of three Big Ten games in this time slot
  • Maryland-Purdue and Rutgers-Indiana, in case you really just wanted to know what Michigan-Illinois was up against (both on the BTN)
  • Georgia Tech at Duke in your Anchor of Gold-flavored game
  • Lawrence Tech at Indiana Wesleyan on ESPN3, because we just had to throw a NAIA game in for parlagi

Have fun.