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Bad Gambling Advice: Week 7

We continue to lose.

March Madness Viewing Party At The Westgate Las Vegas Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

DISCLAIMER: This Series is called “Bad Gambling Advice.” Should you rely on this post to bet actual money on the outcomes of sporting events, that is your fault, not mine. After all, this post is titled “Bad Gambling Advice,” and what part of “Bad Gambling Advice” do you not understand?

There comes a point where by simply picking the opposite of the Bad Gambling Advice column, it becomes good gambling advice.

That was last week, when I went 0-5 ATS and 1-4 on totals, only hitting the Under on Vanderbilt/Ole Miss because Vanderbilt generated no offense. So, I was half right about that.

On to more losing!

Mississippi State at Tennessee (11:00 AM, SEC Network)

The hidden undercurrent of Mississippi State this season is that with a bunch of players suspended for eight games, but with the coaches essentially getting to pick which four games they play — well, this will probably be one of the games they play.

Projected final score: Mississippi State 28, Tennessee 14

Picks: Mississippi State -7, Under 53

South Carolina at Georgia (11:00 AM, ESPN)

South Carolina looked vaguely promising against Alabama a month ago, but since then they haven’t built on it. Plus, that game wasn’t actually close.

Projected final score: Georgia 41, South Carolina 17

Picks: Georgia -23.5, Over 52.5

Alabama at Texas A&M (2:30 PM, CBS)

This feels like the kind of game where Saban decides to send a message against a mid-level SEC team that has ideas about competing with Alabama.

Projected final score: Alabama 42, Texas A&M 10

Picks: Alabama -17, Under 61

UNLV at Vanderbilt (3:00 PM, SEC Network)

Nope. Not picking Vanderbilt again.

Projected final score: Vanderbilt 42, UNLV 28

Picks: UNLV +14.5, Over 57

Ole Miss at Missouri (6:00 PM, ESPN2)

It sounds like Kelly Bryant is okay, and if that’s the case, I don’t see any particular reason why this game should be close.

Projected final score: Missouri 35, Ole Miss 14

Picks: Missouri -12, Under 57

Arkansas at Kentucky (6:30 PM, SEC Network)

Is it me or does Kentucky just casually suck this year (at least since Terry Wilson got hurt)?

Projected final score: Kentucky 20, Arkansas 17

Picks: Arkansas +6.5, Under 53.5

Florida at LSU (7:00 PM, ESPN)

It’s sort of fun that Florida has gotten to 6-0 with a backup quarterback and a subpar offensive line, but this probably ends in Baton Rouge at night.

Projected final score: LSU 42, Florida 21

Picks: LSU -13.5, Over 55.5