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Beer Goggles: Vegas, Baby, Vegas

It’s Dank

Tourism & Conventions Drive Las Vegas Economy Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Opponent: UNLV Rebels

Brewery: Hop Nuts Brewing

Beer: Chasing Clouds IPA

ABV, IBU: 7.2%, 38

There is a great story about how UNLV positions themselves as rebels to the Nevada State University system, thus the mascot. It’s one of my favorite little anecdotes about a CFB school, and those are the kind of things that make the regionality of this sport so engaging.

It doesn’t matter if your team is bad. Your team, by default, is the representative of your school and you will support them no matter what.

This year, the Rebels aren’t very good. Their success can be likened to Chasing Clouds. Did Hop Nuts Brewery hook me with their name and marketing? Yes, yes they did. But once I moved past a name that made me giggle, I found a beer name that made me giggle.

Then I found a beer with a description checks all the boxes. It’s a New England IPA that has double dry hops (not doubt for the LV desert air). They are juicy, piney, and dank! Dank I tell you!

Do you enjoy college football? Do you also like being an inferior team that has delusions of grandeur when in reality there is a new oligarchy in D1 where only 5-8 teams can legitimately compete for a National Title? If so, then this beer is for you.

We all are the Rebels chasing clouds, sticking it to the man because we will never experience the heights that the elite in the sport will. You know what, it’s dank down here, and I like it.