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Anchor Drop, January 30, 2019: This Is Fine

No really. Everything is okay.

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Good morning.

The Vanderbilt Commodores lost to the Kentucky Wildcats by 35 points last night. You would think this is a bad thing, but you would be horribly wrong. Vanderbilt’s record on the season is 9-11, which also happens to be the number that you dial in case of emergency. Vanderbilt has also lost eight basketball games in a row.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Vanderbilt landed two five-star recruits last year, and they combined for zero points last night, which is a neat trick considering only one of them is out for the season with a knee injury (and, well, already withdrawn from the university.) Bryce Drew called the team’s effort in the first half “unacceptable.” The team had more turnovers than made baskets. These things are all perfectly normal.

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that this is now our pinned tweet:

and that’s because it perfectly sums up everything right now. The house is burning down all around us, and we’re really not even concerned about it any more. Because at this point, it just is.

And it’s even catching on with Nashville media members!

This. Is. Fine.

Oh yeah, the new athletic director starts on Friday. The new athletic director, who was announced as the new athletic director two months ago, starts on Friday.

Did we mention that this is fine?

Joe Rexrode, columnist at the Tennessean, referred to last night’s game as “a contender vs. a clown show” which, once again, is a perfectly normal thing to write about a basketball game.

And, Vanderbilt announced yesterday that Hawkins Field is opening a “premium lounge” serving beer and “spiked seltzer.” I would have to say that they picked the sporting venue that least needs “spiked seltzer.” Maybe they’ll open it up during basketball games?

At this point, we await the loss on Wednesday night at the SEC Tournament.