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Anchor Drop, January 2, 2019: Another Big Night for Luke

Luke Kornet, NBA Starter continues to go well.

NBA: New York Knicks at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Did you know that Luke Kornet is now a starter for an NBA team? That’s right: Kornet started the season with Westchester, but got called up to the New York Knicks a few weeks back. And three games ago, he moved into the Knicks’ starting lineup.

We always kind of figured that Kornet’s unique skill set would play well in the NBA, and that’s exactly what is happening: over three games in the starting lineup, he’s shooting 15-for-24 from three-point range, including last night’s 19-point, 6-rebound effort. Good for Luke.

(Meanwhile, John Jenkins is averaging 25.6 ppg in the G-League, apparently.)

Vanderbilt News

Well... there really isn’t any? Sorry.

Tweet of the Day

Off the West End

And now, we go five whole days without college football. The New Year’s Day bowls are over and we just have the national championship game on Monday. (Well, okay, the FCS Championship is on Saturday.)

So what do you do? College basketball’s back on tonight, as are the NBA and NHL.

In sad news, Purdue student/superfan Tyler Trent passed away on Tuesday at age 20.