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Saturday Tailgate: Tennessee State

Watch something else.

Drink this to enjoy this game properly

AoG Week in Review

I don’t know what to say anymore. In typical Vandy fan form, we all let out hopes get too high and they came crashing to Earth as soon as we did. Like Icarus, ascending on beautiful foolish arms, we soared into the sky of hope. Only to have the blistering heat of a middling SEC team melt away our excitement and joy. We fell to the sea... victims of our own pride and vanity.

I’ve got no words of encouragement, I’ve got nothing to explain it, we pain played like crap. Tom addresses this some. Our record against good teams under Mason isn’t great. It’s pretty bad even. That said, the Franklin years weren’t much better record wise, so put those pitchforks away for the moment. Maybe this is just our annual “what the hell” game, but I’m betting that we’re gonna see plenty more of this in the rest of the SEC schedule. Somewhere that guy who said we’re not coming within 10 points of a SEC win is laughing.

Though Tennessee State is in a good place schedule wise for us. It’s a good rebound game and hopefully we can get back to playing good (decent?) football. That’s what a good football team would do. Vanderbilt needs to use this week to rebound and get their act together. Because the schedule doesn’t get any easier and our opponents will not let up one iota. Virtually everyone on the team has to do their job better.

DotP is on vacation so no lessons this week. You get just these paltry paragraphs of me saying “I don’t know” in different ways. I should get myself checked for Alzheimer’s. It runs in my family anyway, and being a Jets/Vandy fan you’d think I’d remember by now how these seasons go.

Other Notes

Around the League

A thriller in Eugene, the castrated turkeys got upset by Old Dominion, and Army almost beat the Okies. I’ve got you covered in last week’s action in Around The League.

There's Other Football

Aside from the midday slot, and ignoring the entire SEC, there’s actually good games this week. I’ve got you a full plate of games to keep you busy through your Saturday.

Get Ready For VUFB

Or don’t get ready for VUFB. This game will be terrible and we know it. We play the Tennessee State Tigers. A 1-AA team we should frankly pants but we’ll likely have a slow start and there will be a collective gnashing of teeth. But they have a sincerely amazing marching band so if you’re watching the game count on no less than 1,421 references to it during the first half alone.

We’ve got our predictions, and you’re free to weigh in. No previews or Q&As this week because how you gonna do that as a blog site for a 1-AA team? We also have real jobs, gimme a break. Can you tell how excited I am about this game?

On the off chance you’re still planning on watching, here’s the depth chart and coach Mason’s weekly presser.

In all honesty, enjoy your Saturday. I don’t even watch these FCS games when LSU plays ‘em.