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There’s Other Football: 2018 WK 5

A horrible midday lineup followed by an overloaded prime time line up

West Virginia v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

It may be pretty obvious around here that your faithful AoG writers have been busy with REAL LIFE (TM) stuff this week. That or we’re just numb from a combination of it being TN State week and losing horribly to USC.

I am providing a cooling salve here in reminding you that there is in fact good football on the horizon.

(#12) West Virginia @ (#25) Texas Tech 1200 ET (1100 CT), ESPN2

The day starts off big with a top 25 match-up. Tech is running high this week after crushing OK State 41-17 (told ya!) and looking to prove that they’re the real team, not the one that lost to Ole Miss weak one. WVU hasn’t played anyone of any real consequence yet and this will be their first test. Both teams throw the ball a ton (WVU 373 yds/game; TTU 435 yds/game) but also have fairly weak defenses. This seems like a first to 45 wins kind of game, but exciting in a Tecmo Super Bowl kind of way.

Backup Game: There’s only two ways you have a backup game for this slot. If you’re an Army guy (beat Navy!) you’re probably gonna watch ‘em beat Buffalo. The other is if you’re a degenerate gambler and are hoping ULL (+48) can somehow keep Alabama from covering.

Tennessee @ (#2) Georgia 1530 ET (1430 CT), CBS

This is a complete cop out and I admit it. There’s literally no game in the mid-afternoon time slot that interests me. This game is going to be a slaughter but if you’re reading AoG chances are high you’re an SEC fan and so it’s the game that’ll interest most of your tailgate. Especially if y’all enjoy watching UT lose, which is most of the SEC. I think their own fans enjoy it from time to time.

Backup Game: (#18) Texas @ Kansas State. If only because it has a better chance of being a closer game and Texas is due to deliver a crushing reminder to its fans that it is not in fact back.

(#7) Stanford @ (#8) Notre Dame 1930 ET (1830 CT), NBC

If you have a multi-TV setup for your tailgate, this is where you’re going to need it. There’s three games at once in the prime time slot that have playoff implications. It’s a tough call, but I’m calling Stanford-Notre Dame to be the winner of the three. Stanford’s game last weekend was just too good to deny and Notre Dame surprised a lot of people by coming out strong and finally playing as they should in their game against Wake.

Backup Game: (#4) Ohio State @ (#9) Penn State. Well, at least someone has to lose this game and that means that you’ll be happy one way or the other. I frankly think Ohio State will win it because the Universe won’t allow us a world without the Buckeyes being in the playoff “hunt”.

Backup Game 2: (#20) BYU @ (#11) Washington. UW is due for a fall, and got lucky last week. The Mormons may be the ones to give it to them. So keep an eye on the score here and upgrade to the main TV as needed.

(#19) Oregon @ (#24) California 2230 ET (2130 CT) FS1

Hopefully you get FS1 because this game is going to be far and away the best late game. Oregon is a solid football team and likely to kick Cal’s butt. I don’t care what the spread says. I’m also just out of things to say.

Backup Game: I dunno, maybe watching USC lose to Arizona? Honestly the best option may be to tape one of the top three in the previous time slot and watch it on delay.