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Around the League: Week 4

A day late, but still here!

Virginia Tech v Old Dominion Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Let’s get right to it.

(#13) Virginia Tech 35 @ Old Dominion 49

LOL. Old Dominion threw for almost 500 yards, and ran it for over 135 for an incredible victory over the highly ranked Hokies this weekend. In a complete and total shocker, Old Dominion was in the game the entire way. Each and every VatTech touchdown was answered by an ODU touchdown in kind... until the fourth quarter where ODU took the lead 35-28 with ten minutes left in the period. That’s when things went from bad to worse for the Hokies as QB Josh Jackson went down (and will be out for the season) with a broken leg. While the Hokies would tie (and their backup ended up throwing for as many yards as Jackson did), they’d fail to score again. On a possibly unrelated note, Trevon Hill of the Hokies was dismissed from the team following the game.

Army 21 @ (#5) Oklahoma 28 (OT)

Army played their hearts out, and almost pulled off an upset of their own against the Sooners. If you liked run game, this was the game for you as Army only threw the ball 9 times (twice for picks) and Oklahoma wasn’t much better with only 15 attempts. Army... Army ran the ball... get ready for this.... 78 times. For 339 yards. That’s 4.3 a carry, which any sane person would take. It’s no wonder that Army’s first drive was a sixteen play 75 yard death drive that ultimately tied the game up at 7. It was the story of the night. Oklahoma would go up in a ~6 play drive, Army would respond with 15-20 runs. It was something to behold of a true run first offense. Unfortunately for Army, they’d literally throw the game away in OT going for the TD in a desperate attempt to tie up the Sooners score from their try. An amazing showing by Army in that you can do a LOT with the right coaching.

(#7) Stanford 38 @ (#20) Oregon 31 (OT)

Oh how I wanted to turn this game off at the half. Oregon started this game dominating Stanford completely. 24-7 at the half barely seemed appropriate and most anyone watching would have assumed that it was going to get very ugly. The turnaround came as Oregon was about to score with 2:43 left in the 3rd. On the Stanford 2, the Oregon center delivered an atrocious snap that ended with a loose ball and a Stanford recovery. The ball was brought to the house for an 80 yard return. Stanford would force two Oregon three an outs to follow, but only scored on the first of those two drives before against exchanging touchdowns with Oregon to leave the score at 28-31 and Oregon with the ball and only 3 minutes left. On a 2nd & 3, 51 seconds left, a first down to end the game, Oregon’s CJ Verdell ran it for three yards before coughing it up to Stanford. Stanford would get the touchdown, and win it in OT.

(#14) Mississippi State 7 @ Kentucky 28

So it’s time to recognize that UK has a football team this year. It wasn’t just UF being awful, it was that the Wildcats have something. The Cayuts rushed for 229 yards in this crushing defeat and held MSU to just over 200 yards offense. More than that, MSU’s frustrations were clearly evident as they spotted UK 139 yards on 16 penalties. It’s time for us to realize we’re not going to win that game this year.

Arizona State 20 @ (#10) Washington 27

That whole Washington beating Stanford (and Oregon) thing to be a playoff contender is looking less and less likely. Yeah, I push ASU as a big upset potential team, but jeez.

(#17) TCU 16 @ Texas 31

...speaking of teams that aren’t going to a playoff... how about them Horned Frogs?

Nebraska 10 @ (#19) Michigan 56

I’m really only bringing this game up so I can link this savage exchange of tweets from Wendys.