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Around the League: Week 3

Southern Cal, Wisconsin, Diet Bama and ASU.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Auburn Julie Bennett-USA TODAY Sports

Another week in the books. A few upsets here and there, but for the most part predictable results (unless you count covering spreads).

BYU 24 @ (#6) Wisconsin 21

The big upset happened! Both BYU and Wisconsin ran the ball early and often, with 200 yards on the ground each. The only passing touchdown came from a trick play that made the entire Wisconsin secondary look silly. The game was always within one score the entire game and it ultimately was a third quarter INT that really made the difference. On Wisconsin’s first drive in the second half, UW QB Alex Hornibrook threw a pick at their own 39 yard line which would be brought back to the 29. A play that gave BYU the short field they needed to go up 21-14. In the end, a field goal attempt late in the game went wide, preventing the Badgers from tying the game up. The kicker actually apologized for it.

(#17) Boise State 21 @ (#24) Oklahoma State 44

If you just followed the updates, you’d think this game was close the entire first half. A scoreless first quarter became a 7-7 game halfway into the second. The big play came from OK State blocking a Boise punt that gave them the ball at the Boise 7. A quick touchdown followed and Boise gave the ball up on downs the next drive which led to 17-7 affair. With only a ten point lead, it was certainly anyone’s game on paper, but Boise State was never in this one. Boise had only 31 yards on the ground in the first... on 20 carries. Boise made mistake after mistake, including letting a second punt be blocked, this time for a touchdown. OK State looks to have a balanced offense and Boise State looks to be highly suspect. Not quite the top25 match-up you’d expect.

(#22) Southern Cal 14 @ Texas 37

Southern Cal’s dreams have once again been dashed, and this pleases me. Despite getting out to a 14-3 start, Southern Cal squandered everything for the rest of the game. The longhorns scored 34 unanswered points even without their starting RB Keaontay Ingram. Even the Texas special teams got in on the fun blocking a FG and bringing it to the house. Meanwhile the Texas defense kept the Southern Cal rushing attack to -5 yards. Yes. Negative five. Looks like Southern Cal didn’t even get any votes in the rankings this week. So you can now officially say that Vanderbilt is better than Southern Cal.

(#12) LSU 22 @ (#7) Diet Bama 21

Joe Burrow had the game he needed to. With 250 yards on 15/34 throws and only one TD, the performance by Burrow isn’t terribly impressive on paper, but he did what he needed to do. His attack included 10 carries of his own, and while he only averaged 2.2 yards, that’s enough to keep the Auburn defense honest. Up ten late in the second, this game looked to be LSU’s to lose. And lose it they did. Auburn fought back to bring the game 21-10. To the credit of LSU, they fought back and it ultimately took a final second FG to win it. Amazing game.

(#23) Arizona State 21 @ San Diego State 28

Arizona State went into this game with the league’s leading rushing defense. SDSU responded by... running. Running a lot. On 58 carries, SDSU ran the ball 311 yards. Arizona State was predictably single minded on their offense, entirely moving through the air (341 yards on 31 completions). However, it was the ending of this game that proved to be the most insane part. Midfield with 14 seconds left, Frank Darby hauled in an incredible pass at the four yard line. The play entered review for a targeting call on SDSU. In a call that seemed much more appropriate for “screw Vandy” rules, the refs overturned the catch while confirming the targeting call. SDSU wins their second in a row against the Sun Devils.

FSU 7 @ Syracuse 30

lol Florida State is comically bad. Four sacks, 7 TFLs, 5 hurries against the Syracuse defense? C’mon FSU. C’mon.

North Texas 44 @ Arkansas 17

Speaking of really bad, aren’t you glad we have Arkansas this year? Also, replay of the week is a fake fair catch.

Missouri 40 @ Purdue 37

Another quick note here. Purdue threw for over 570 yards against Missouri. Purdue lost to E. Michigan the week before. Another opponent on our schedule that looks very beatable. It took an incredible final drive and a last minute FG to avoid OT. Against Purdue. Which is bad.