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Saturday Predictions: Maybe Derek Mason will fare better than Rod Dowhower?

Okay okay, doing better than a 41-0 loss shouldn’t be an issue.

NCAA Football: Nevada at Vanderbilt Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The last time Vanderbilt’s football team went to South Bend, it was 1995, and the Commodores we’re coming off a weirdly close loss to Alabama in Rod Dowhower’s first game as head coach, losing 33-25.

His second game coaching the Commodores resulted in a 41-0 loss, which was more typical of his tenure.

Saturday’s game will feature a significantly better Vanderbilt team than the one that traveled to South Bend in 1995. Will it be enough to get a win? We shall see.

Tom Stephenson

Look, if you read the Q&A I did at One Foot Down, you’ve probably already seen my prediction. This will be a real test for Vanderbilt’s offense, but I also think the defense has a chance at keeping the Irish in check. I will actually revise my prediction downward after reviewing the game further.

The Pick: Notre Dame 24, Vanderbilt 14

The SEC Upset Pick of the Week: Hello Arkansas, you lost to Colorado State last week, and you’re gonna lose to North Texas (+7) this week.


I’m phone posting this in ATL, awaiting standby on the 1100 arrival because I slept through my alarm this morning. So yeah this weekend is starting great.

Look I already did a preview of this game. We have an outside chance of winning but we gotta stay focused to do it. This is a character test game. Unlike Bama, I don’t see this game being a soul crushing loss.

The Pick: Notre Dame 27 - Vanderbilt 10


ps I write that so often my phone knows to auto correct for it. Nice.


What’s there to review? We’ll hold our own, but Notre Dame is Notre Dame. I’m not great when it comes to predictions, and I probably don’t give Vanderbilt enough credit, but I do think ND will win by 14+. I just can’t wait to see how Vandy fares in SEC play—are we really on the up and up?

The Pick: ND 32 - Vanderbilt 10

SEC Upset Pick of the Week: The only logical upset would be LSU over Auburn but that ain’t never gonna happen. Ole Miss. Ole Miss beats Bama. Let’s do this.

Andrew VU ‘04

*Note: I am writing this immediately after drinking a Four Loko Red Flavored Angry Unicorn Piss. Take from that what you will. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here.

It may be because I’m now able to hold conversations with interdimensional beings, but Khari Blasingame is going to run for -1 yards and 3 TDs. Don’t ask me how, but it’s happening. Shurms McKenzie will do the bulk of the work, and Bisons Lipscomb and Ke’Shawn “Rick” Vaughn will go wild, but it will be Blasingame who Dog Lawyers his way to pay-dirt thrice.

The Irish Catholic Stereotypin’ How Is This Still A Name’s will go up four late on a 2 pt conversion by Crazy Legs Random Ambush (fedora tip to the ND blog for that), but Shurms will drive us back into Blasingame’s striking distance (think the end point of Zeno’s Paradox), and Dog Lawyer will sue them into oblivion and then Chris Parnell will crap on their lawns (ask Tom to explain, as I don’t fully understand the intricacies of Country Lawyerin’).

Kelly will be fired before he reaches the bus. Good luck with BUTtchug Jones, South Benders!

The Pick: ND 18 - Vanderbilt 21

SEC Upset Pick of the Week: Read above, motherfuckers! This will be the most traumatic thing to happen to Catholics since (checks literally any newspaper at any time)... nope.