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Anchor Drop, September 12, 2018: The AD Search Begins

Vanderbilt will begin its search to replace AD David Williams, who announced his retirement on Tuesday.

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Good morning.

The big news from Tuesday, obviously, was David Williams’ retirement announcement. If you’re looking for my opinion, my opinion is that overall, Williams was good for Vanderbilt, with a specific blind spot in recent years regarding the football stadium — which, let’s be fair, he may just have preferred that his successor implement his own vision for that.

So now, the search for a new AD begins. Adam Sparks has a rundown of what the new AD will have to deal with (read: the stadium), while over at the Tulsa World, Tulsa athletic director Derrick Gragg — who played football at Vanderbilt in the 1990s — is our first publicly mentioned candidate. Gragg also interviewed for Arkansas’s AD job last year.

Vanderbilt doubles pair Cameron Klinger and Billy Rowe are ranked in the top ten of the ITA preseason rankings (we’re talking tennis here, guys, if that wasn’t clear.)

Over at SBN’s Notre Dame blog One Foot Down, they did a Q&A with a Vanderbilt blogger. I have no idea who this “Tom Stephenson” guy is but he doesn’t know a damn thing about Lord of the Rings.

Off the West End

Tony Kemp did this:

The Boston Red Sox, who are 99-46, became the first MLB team to clinch a playoff spot.

With Hurricane Florence bearing down on the East Coast, several college football games have already been cancelled — and then there are the Virginia Cavaliers, which elected to move their scheduled home game against Ohio to Vanderbilt Stadium.