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Anchor Drop, September 11, 2018: James Wiseman Edition

Either the assumption that it’s a two-team race is wrong, or we’re wasting our time here. Why would we waste our time?

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SLAM Summer Classic 2018 Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Good morning.

James Wiseman, the nation’s #1 recruit (according to some people, anyway), will host Vanderbilt for an in-home visit on Thursday, and he’s coming to Vanderbilt for an official visit in a few weeks.

Wiseman’s recruitment is widely assumed to be between Memphis and Kentucky, ever since he moved from Nashville to Memphis a couple of years ago (I dare you to ask Memphis fans why Nashville native Wiseman would be interested in going to the University of Memphis, a place which I can assure you, as a Memphis native, that nobody from outside of Memphis wants to go to if they have any choice in the matter.) If that’s true, it’s not entirely clear why Bryce Drew and staff would be wasting their time with things like an in-home visit. Or perhaps the staff really thinks they have a chance here. I don’t really know. It’s interesting to watch either way, though if it’s between Memphis and Kentucky, give me Memphis, whom we will not play. (And no, don’t schedule Memphis and give him the opportunity to play at Memorial Gym if he doesn’t want to play here. I’m petty.)

The women’s golf team set a single-round scoring record with a 19-under-par 269 on Monday at the Cougar Classic — which was cut short due to the impending assault of Hurricane Florence. (Vanderbilt finished second in the tournament.)

We’re No. 14 in the new U.S. News rankings!

Derek Mason’s press conference is at 12:15 today. You can watch on the SEC Network+, Facebook Live, and Twitter, probably.

Off the West End

UHND — which, I’m fairly sure was one of the outlets that raised a stink over Derek Mason’s “We don’t worry about going to South Bend” comment at SEC Media Days — says that Notre Dame faces an “unexpected” early gut check against Vanderbilt. And after listening to PAPN yesterday, I really do appreciate how “unexpected” our 2-0 start was by people with no connection to the program. Like, people were expecting us to be terrible... because reasons.

Sam Darnold threw a pick six on his first career pass. (And then the Jets... blew out the Lions. Makes sense.)