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There’s Other Footbaw 2018 WK 1

Because There’s Always A Better Game

LSU v Tennessee
lul they gon lose to WVU
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

As Vanderbilt fans are all too aware, there’s a lot of better football to watch on your Saturday. As usual, I’ve got some suggestions on games to keep an eye on throughout the day(s). It’s week one, so it’s a pretty easy call, but someone’s gotta do it!


Northwestern (+1) @ Purdue 2000 ET (1900 CT), ESPN

The only Thursday night game that stands a chance of being competitive. Granted, it’s going to be competitive in the way the Vanderbilt-MTSU game is competitive, but at least you’re not going to be bored watching a 1-AA team get their heads kicked in.

Backup Choice: Wake Forest (-6.5) @ Tulane 2000 ET (1900 CT), CBSSN, I guess?? It’s the only other game that realistically stands a chance of being interesting. I’d argue that 6.5 is too low a line, but I have a strict policy against betting on games involving teams that wear gold and black.


Syracuse (-5) @ W Michigan 1800 ET (1700 CT), CBSSN

Even though Friday night has less 1-AA matchups, they somehow look worse than the Thursday night games. There’s not a single game Friday night that interests me in the least. If you absolutely must watch football, the only real option is this game.

Backup Choice: If you enjoy playing armchair QB, you could watch Portland State @ Nevada 2100 ET (2000 CT). That way you can look like a genius when we play Nevada and you know more about their playbook than we do! Good luck getting the online stream to work.


Ole Miss (+2.5) @ Texas Tech 1200 ET (1100 CT) ESPN

Yet another obvious easy choice for the timeslot. The good thing is this is the first of the games that you stand a good chance of getting into as it at least features reasonably good teams. As I’m writing this news just came through that Ole Miss just lost their #2 RB to Mono, meaning that they’ll have to rely on their true FR to split carries with starter Scottie Phillips. Tech is joining the all too common coach troll of pretending to not know who they’re starting at QB.

Backup Choice: There isn’t one, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if USC lost to Coastal Carolina? Though I’d like to point out the thoroughly ridiculous 38.5 spread in the Oregon St @ Ohio St game.

#6 Washington (+1.5) @ #9 Auburn 1530 ET (1430 CT), ABC

Duh. Neutral site top ten match-up. This game is really not a make or break for either, but it’s a huge statement game nonetheless. I gotta agree with the Huskies Q&A that this game is going to come down to a missed FG or something equally infuriating (or hilarious depending on who you want to win).

Backup Choice: Tennessee (+10) @ WVU 1530 ET (1430 CT), CBS in another neutral site game. Why? Because watching Tennessee lose is going to be hilarious that’s why.

MTSU (+2.5) @ Vanderbilt 1930 ET (1830 CT), SECN

Presumably, you’re going to watch our game. At least at this point in the season.

Backup Choice: #14 Michigan (+1) @ #12 Notre Dame 1930 ET (1830 CT), NBC. This is probably the (second) best game of the weekend, and no one will blame you for changing over to it during our game. Oh, and PS Michigan lost Tarik Black, so bad news for Michigan.

BYU (+11.5) @ Arizona 2245 ET (2145 CT), ESPN

Your Pac-12 degenerate game of the week! Arizona is likely to beat up BYU pretty well, but this probably won’t be nearly as bad a game as the spread or predictions are making out. Arizona graduated three OLs last year, and are missing two others for the game against the Cougars. It should be a perfectly cromulent way to end your Saturday.

Backup Choice: Tape the Michigan - ND game that happens earlier, watch that now.


As it’s opening weekend, the so-called “gentleman’s agreement” between the NFL and NCAA doesn’t apply. As such, we get great games on Sunday and Monday night!

SUNDAY: #8 Miami (-3.5) @ #25 LSU 1930 ET (1830 CT) , ABC

The Sunday night matchup will be a defensive bout. I know, it’s such a stunning and brave hawt taek to have and you’ve not heard it yet! The LSU fan in me isn’t terribly confident though. I’m not going to be able to condifently call an LSU game until they can move the ball in the air. It also doesn’t help that LSU has injury issues, suspended players, AND not even their RB situation looks great.

MONDAY: #20 VaTech (+7.5) @ #19 Florida State 2000 ET (1900 CT), ESPN

If nothing else, you should be interested to see what Willie Taggart has done with the Seminoles. While FSU has plenty of question marks about how well it’s going to perform this year, I think it’s plenty reasonable to have them as clear favorites in this game.