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VandyTiger’s Statement on Donating to Vanderbilt University

Inspired by the University itself

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Under pressure from our former players, fans, and the recent press by Adam Sparks and Joe Rexrode, Vanderbilt University decided this afternoon to reverse its initial hopes it could just ignore everything, and issued a ‘Statement on Athletics’.

The comment is truly inspiring. Really made me think. Inside me something lurched, a feeling that was not quite unlike what I feel when I eat at Chili’s. It really motivated me to rethink my (small) donations that I give more than once a year to the University. After much soul searching, I am issuing the following statement, regarding future Vanderbilt academic contributions:

VandyTiger is incredibly proud of the on-campus and off-campus accomplishments of his fellow Commodores, and the lecturers and staff who support them. Over its history, Vanderbilt has educated future public servants, businessmen, scientists, writers, musicians, Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, Poet laureates, and much more. In recent years, Vanderbilt scholars have continued to show the high level of academic success and achievement that are expected of them. Of specific note, the student athletes meet these standards all while also meeting the demanding requirements of being in the most competitive conference in the NCAA.

All of these achievements are supported by a loyal and dedicated alumni that are critical to the future success of the University. I will continue to invest in things that directly support student athletic programs, and as I contemplate donating to causes Vanderbilt incessantly begs me for, I shall remember the level of contemplation it in turn gives to things I care about.

I’m glad I’ve made myself clear. The next time Vanderbilt begs me for money, I’ll make sure to give it the same level of contemplation they’re giving towards reasonable upgrades to football facilities.

Thank you.