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Anchor Drop, July 30, 2018: 33 Days

Uhhh... this is weird, we don’t have any news for you.

NCAA Football - Vanderbilt vs Georgia - October 14, 2006 Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Good morning.

We are now 33 days away from Vanderbilt’s season opener against Middle Tennessee. #33 on the roster is freshman safety Dashaun Jerkins, who comes to Vanderbilt from Woodbridge, Virginia. Like star high school athletes should, Jerkins played both ways at Woodbridge, making 85 tackles and four interceptions on defense, and catching 46 passes for 509 yards and 11 touchdowns on offense.

We regret to tell you that on this SEC Network Takeover day, we don’t have any Vanderbilt news to report. This is weird, and we, like you, are waiting for the regular season to hurry up and get here. Or even just fall camp.

Off the West End

The BravesSean Newcomb was one out away from a perfect game on Sunday. Then he lost the perfect game, and some people dug up some of his old tweets. So, too, did the NationalsTrea Turner. I didn’t realize everybody was tweeting offensive stuff at 17, where was I?

“Grand Master Sexay” is dead at 46.

Dustin Johnson won the RBC Canadian Open.