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Anchor Drop, July 27, 2018: 36 Days

Vanderbilt finally, officially, announces its SEC Network Takeover schedule.

NCAA Football: Western Kentucky at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

We’re 36 days away from Vanderbilt’s season opener against Middle Tennessee. #36 on the roster is senior walk-on Trey Ellis, who caught five passes for 70 yards last season and caught a touchdown pass off a deflection in the Western Kentucky game last year. Hey, touchdowns are touchdowns.

Vanderbilt officially announced the SEC Network Takeover, which airs beginning at 11 PM CT on Sunday and will run for 24 hours. We pretty much predicted this last week; Vanderbilt won’t air a game from prior to 2014 and most of the games are from the most recent academic year. Yes, it includes the women’s bowling national championship, in case you were interested. We could be like Tennessee and air a bunch of football games from 1998 but... nah.

247 Sports lists the worst football coaches in the history of each SEC school. Somehow, two Vanderbilt coaches make the list. (How, you ask? WOODY WIDENHOFER WAS MISSOURI’S WORST COACH EVER AND THEN WE HIRED HIM.)

Off the West End

The latest idiocy coming out of Florida is pretty funny.