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Vanderbilt’s SEC Network Takeover will air on July 30. We think we’ve figured out the schedule.

As usual, SEC Network and WatchESPN listings give the game away before Vanderbilt does.

Woody Widenhofer

The SEC Network Takeover has become an annual tradition, and along with it, Anchor of Gold has hatched a tradition of figuring out the lineup before it’s actually announced.

Vanderbilt’s 2018 SEC Network Takeover will air on July 30. As far as we know, the official schedule has not been announced, but much like in years past, TV listings on the SEC Network and WatchESPN give the game away... sort of. They tell us the sport and the game, but not the year. So let’s play the guessing game!

11:00 PM CT: TCU vs. Vanderbilt (men’s basketball): This starts at 11 PM on July 29, because the people running the SEC Network have an East Coast bias. Anyway, we rarely play TCU so this almost has to be the game from January. Why you want to remind people of the 2017-18 basketball season, I’ll never know.

12:30 AM: Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt (baseball): This, on the other hand, could be any of a zillion Ole Miss-Vanderbilt baseball games. It’s probably one of two games from April 15 of this year.

2:30 AM: Iowa State vs. Vanderbilt (women’s basketball): The women’s basketball team played Iowa State at Memorial Gym on December 2 of last year, a 77-74 win.

4:00 AM: Kansas State vs. Vanderbilt (football): From last year. When we thought last year’s football team was good.

6:00 AM: SEC Women’s Tennis Championship: Also from this year, we assume.

8:00 AM: Fueling the Commodores: All-Access: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

9:00 AM: Vanderbilt vs. Virginia (baseball): I think we know what this is.

12:00 PM: Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee (football): Tennessee is the home team, so this is one of 2005, 2013, or 2017. Probably 2017. That we have to debate which football win in Knoxville it is, is a sign of progress.

2:00 PM: Vanderbilt vs. Georgia (women’s basketball): The WatchESPN listing comes with the notation (second round), so this is an SEC Tournament game. We beat Georgia in overtime in the second round of the 2016 SEC Tournament. I have no idea why we’d be showing Melanie Balcomb’s second to last game at Vanderbilt, but that’s a possibility.

4:00 PM: Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt (women’s soccer): This is a quarterfinal game. We beat Tennessee 1-0 in the SEC quarterfinals last season.

5:30 PM: Mississippi State vs. Vanderbilt (men’s basketball): While I’m secretly hoping this is Shan Foster’s senior night, it’s probably Riley LaChance’s Valentine’s Day massacre. Which is a perfectly cromulent choice.

7:30 PM: 2018 NCAA Bowling Championship: HELL YES.

10:00 PM: Fueling The Commodores: All-Access: ....sure?

Anyway, these are our best guesses. We wish there was more Woodyball in here too, but it was not to be.