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Anchor Drop, July 10, 2018: 53 Days

Dore Jam will be held on August 4.

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Kansas State v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Good morning.

Today marks 53 days from Vanderbilt football’s season opener against Middle Tennessee. There is no 53 on this year’s roster; Sean McMoore (pictured above) wore 53 last season but has switched to 50 for this season.

Vanderbilt will hold its annual Dore Jam from 4-6 PM on August 4 at the Multipurpose Facility.

CPA’s Kane Patterson committed to Ohio State yesterday. An interesting aside: six of the top seven recruits in Tennessee have made a college decision and while none of them have picked Vanderbilt, none have picked Tennessee, either — in spite of what Tennessee fans may have told you about how well their new coach is recruiting.

“I’m looking to do the opposite of work” is the most Jay Cutler quote ever.