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Vandy hosted Zac Stacy’s All-Star Clinic for National Down Syndrome Day, and it was incredible

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Zac Stacy, still out here doing good as a Commodore.

via @CameronWolfe

One of Zac Stacy’s biggest fans during his record-setting career at Vanderbilt was his little brother Justin, who has Down Syndrome. On Saturday, Justin got his turn to run through some drills on the Commodores’ turf as part of his brother’s first-ever All-Star Clinic on National Down Syndrome Day.

It may go down as the best work you’ll see on the Vandy practice fields all year.

Stacy was the host of a clinic for children and adults with Down Syndrome, and he brought along with a handful of NFL alums to help him out. Titans mainstays Kevin Byard, Jurrell Casey, and Tajae Sharpe, along with Washington receiver Jamison Crowder and Bears running back Benny Cunningham, were on hand to help some exceptional athletes fine-tune their football skills in Nashville.

Stacy’s former backfield mate Warren Norman was also there:

along with Javon Marshall, Wesley Tate, and more.

It was an incredible showing for an amazing cause. There will be a lot of good things to come from those practice fields this summer/fall, but it’s going to be pretty tough for anything to top the work that went into Saturday.