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Anchor Drop, May 3, 2018: Tom’s Birthday Edition

I feel old.

NCAA Basketball: Vanderbilt at Mississippi Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

The Vanderbilt men’s golf team will be the #1 seed in the Kissimmee Regional of the NCAA Tournament, which begins on May 14 at the Reunion Resort. The top five teams from the regional will advance to the NCAA Championship from May 25-30.

Vanderbilt had its first Coaches Caravan of 2018 yesterday and, well...

So, let’s talk about this photo. Derek Mason is of course wearing a vest, but it’s not The Vest, but in fairness it’s May and not November so we’ll give him a pass. Also I sometimes forget that Mason is kind of short (though probably taller than Nick Saban, not that that’s saying much) but standing next to Stephanie White and Bryce Drew makes it kind of obvious.

Also Bryce Drew missed the memo about wearing black here. Always remember, folks: white is NOT a Vanderbilt color (that message is for whomever keeps scheduling white-outs, which don’t really do a whole lot other than highlight how many opposing fans there are at Vanderbilt Stadium.)

Look, it’s a slow news day, all right? Oh yeah, we’re forgetting probably the most important news of the day: it’s my birthday!

(Remembers he’s 34 now.)

Oh... shit. Well anyway, this is kind of a slow news day so let’s get to...

Off the West End

So, the Washington Redskins flew their cheerleaders to Costa Rica and had them pose topless for a photo shoot, which is weird and creepy enough, but then they went and invited some of the luxury suite holders to come and watch, which is just... I don’t even have words to describe that.

But I’m sure the Redskins’ PR department will know exactly how to handle this.

The folks over in Knoxville fired their chancellor on Wednesday, because I guess firing their athletic director and their head football coach just wasn’t enough. If you’re not getting a kick out of the goings-on about three hours to the east, then I do not know what you are doing here at anchor of gold dot com.

A five-star Duke commit reclassified to the 2018 recruiting class. I really have questions about how this “reclassification” thing works.