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Anchor Drop, May 11, 2018: Oh no. Not Knoxville.

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Vanderbilt baseball looks to salvage the season.

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Good morning.

Vanderbilt baseball takes a three-hour trip along Interstate 40 this weekend. What has happened the last few times Vanderbilt has played that team in baseball? We’ll let random Vol fan in our mentions tell you in between screen grabs of the all-time series record in football:

Sure thing. Of course, Shawn forgot our women’s tennis team, which is the #1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament. That begins today at 2:00 PM CT as the Commodores take on Alabama State; if you want to watch the live stream (and we know you do), that’s here.

Anyway, back to baseball. Vanderbilt is currently projected as a 3-seed in the DeLand Regional, which, while still in the NCAA Tournament, suggests that the Commodores’ margin for error is microscopic. That means, yes, we’re gonna need to win some games in Knoxville. As if we’d ever accept losing in Knoxville, but, well, you know.

Golfer Theo Humphrey was named the SEC Player of the Year.

Off the West End

The Preds got eliminated from the NHL playoffs last night.

Adam Sparks openly wonders if Tennessee baseball could catch up with Vanderbilt, which is not something we want to think about.

I think they have bigger problems than this.

Meanwhile, Tennessee has an interesting recruiting pitch for why you should play football for the University of Tennessee just like Minkah Fitzpatrick.

I should really advertise my legal services based on the fact that I got O.J. Simpson acquitted, because I had as much to do with that as Tennessee had to do with any of the players in that flyer did in getting to the NFL.


David Price got carpal tunnel, but he assures you it didn’t come about from playing Fortnite too much.

The University of Florida only recruits players of the highest character.

Oh look, an MLB team thinks a 20-year-old stadium is too old. Meanwhile we’re playing football in a facility that was built in 1922.

Skechers apparently wants to go argue before a judge that the only reason basketball players would rather wear Adidas shoes is because bribery.

And finally, we would like to thank the person who tweeted this into our mentions yesterday: