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Saturday Open Thread

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The floor is yours. Have at it.

MLB: New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Our cone of silence continues, but you may be interested in tuning into the SEC Network+ (or the WatchESPN app) at 2:00 PM CT for, we think, a Vanderbilt-themed test pattern.

This, we assume, is what the SEC Network+ will show at 2 PM (h/t parlagi)

At least, it might be a test pattern. It might also be “Great Moments in Athletic Director Lawyering” or “Catching Up with the Commodores: Tollboothin’ 101 with Woody Widenhofer.” It almost certainly won’t be a baseball game against Georgia, which would violate Anchor of Gold’s day-old policy of acknowledging that Vanderbilt University fields a baseball team, a policy implemented in response to us not mentioning the baseball team in Friday morning’s Anchor Drop and the team responding to that by snapping a six-game losing streak.

Damnit, we’ve broken the cone of silence, haven’t we? Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Still, if you want to keep up with Vanderbilt sports while also continuing to observe the cone of silence, you can watch the women’s tennis team play its final home match of the regular season against LSU at 11:00 AM CT on this live stream brought to you by Vanderbilt Athletics. Remember, folks, the women’s tennis team is ranked second in the country.

Also today/tonight: Saturday at Augusta National, which isn’t of direct interest to Vanderbilt fans but it’s the freaking Masters; Luke Kornet’s New York Knicks playing the Milwaukee Bucks at 6:30 PM; Damian Jones, who is obviously the star player for the Golden State Warriors, playing the Pelicans at 7:30; and Wade Baldwin’s Portland Trail Blazers visiting San Antonio at 8:00. If MLB’s your thing, Sonny Gray takes the hill for the Yankees against the Orioles at 12:05, and Mike Minor goes for the Rangers against the Blue Jays at 7:05. Also at 7, the Preds host the Blue Jackets. Seriously, why is there a hockey team called the Blue Jackets?

Have at it. The floor is yours.